This year the market will continue to be set up to ensure safety of customers and staff during the COVID 19 pandemic.


Face masks are mandatory and must be worn when on market property, which include; the corn ordering line, at curbside pick up, and animal areas.


To ensure customers and staff adhere to the physical distancing order set out by the B.C. Provincial Health Officer:

  • Markers will be placed on the floor in the market at 2 metre intervals. Customers must wait until the person in front of them has moved to the next marker before moving forward themselves and are asked not to pass other customers.
  • The market aisle is set up as one-way. We ask customers to not turn around and double back past other customers if they are missing something. Just ask one of our staff and they will be happy to grab it for you!
  • Only a limited amount of customers will be allowed in the market at one time.  (i.e.; as many customers as there are markers)
  • Where physical distance is a challenge, plexiglass shields have been installed: one at each till, and between staff who are working in close proximity.

 To increase the level of hygiene:

  • Hand sanitizers have been placed throughout the market for use by customers and staff.
  • Table and counter surfaces, high touch areas, telephones, cash registers and credit/debit machines will be sanitized frequently throughout the day.
  • The level of produce handling will be minimized:
    • customers will not have access to corn bins but will instead give staff their corn order and staff will fill the order
    • corn husking bins will not be provided
    • berry and other fruit containers will be bagged (but not tied)
    • after hour honour box services will not be available
    • cold drinks and ice cream will not be available
  • Staff who interact with customers, and who are not behind a plexiglass shield, will practice physical distancing and when necessary will wear protective face masks.  All our display counters have been moved to provide access from behind for our staff to stock shelves without being in close proximity to customers.
  • Display counters have been re-arranged to provide staff access from behind so that the shelves can be restocked without being in close proximity to customers.
  • Customer seating, such as picnic tables, and portable toilets will not be provided.
  • Customers may ask for carrot tops to feed the goats only when they are coming through the till to make a purchase. We ask customers to not come through the exit doorways to ask for food.
  • We will provide white handle bags at no charge for larger quantities of corn. Please bring your reusable bags for all other purchases. We will have paper bags for sale at 25 cents each. We will also have Silver Rill reusable bags back in stock this year for $2.50.


For customers who wish to avoid coming into the market we will provide pre-order services for curbside pick-up by telephone, for curbside pickup during certain hours of the day. This information will be updated shortly. Customers will pick up their order at the assigned time and pay upon pick up. Payment may be made by debit, credit, or cash. If you wish to pay by cash we would appreciate exact change whenever possible; however, we will make change when necessary.

Please note that for the most part these are temporary measures during a very unusual time. Practices may change throughout the season to continue to follow the Public Health Orders provided.


Please be patient and considerate of other customers and of staff, and if you have suggestions on how we can improve our service delivery we would love to hear from you at