Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does it really make a difference to have corn picked fresh that day?

Q. How long should I cook my corn for?

Q. Can I freeze your corn?

Q. Aside from your market, where else can I buy Silver Rill Corn?

Q. Can I tell whether a cob of corn is ripe without opening the husk?

Q. I would like your corn at my: wedding/BBQ/school or church function?

Q. I've heard that corn seed is often "GMO". What is GMO?

Q. Is your corn GMO?

Q. What is a Baker’s Dozen?

Q. What is the price of your corn?

Q. How do you determine your corn prices?

Q. What other produce is available at your market?

Q. How long is the season for corn?

Q. When do you open each year?

Q. What varieties of corn do you grow?

Q. Which variety is your “Silver Rill Corn”?

Q. How is your corn picked?

Q. What are the big white blankets we can see in your fields/pictures?

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