How it's Grown and Prepared

Our Popcorn is grown very similarly to how we grow Sweet Corn, although Popcorn has a longer maturity. Popcorn has its own varieties, you cannot dry and pop any of our Sweet Corn! Due to its long maturity and the need to dry out the kernels, Popcorn sold in the market was actually harvested the previous Fall! In the Fall it is handpicked the same as our Sweet Corn. It is then husked, and placed on drying racks indoors for 1-2 months. During the drying period, kernels are tested until they reach a 90%+ pop rate. Once they reach this, the kernels are all removed by hand from the cobs, and sealed in Jars!  Our Popcorn production is all done by hand, unlike large companies with commercial equipment, due to this you will notice some differences in the Jars, like some Silk or small pieces of the cob itself, which are both completely harmless!


Details and Availability

Each Cob of Popcorn harvested makes around 1 average sized bowl of Popcorn, and 1 of our Jars will make about 5 average sized bowls of Popcorn. We are currently growing around a ½ acre of Popcorn, and will increase it as needed. Similar to our Sweet Corn, our Popcorn is NON-GMO and is not sprayed with pesticides. We performed trials for a few years, and 2018 was our first large scale harvest of it! If you really need some for the Off-Season, please message us on Facebook, as we can fulfill some private orders.


How to Pop

You can pop it in almost any way possible. Some methods may have slightly higher success, but all listed here will work with decent success. Any given Popcorn only has a guaranteed 90%~ rate of successful pops, so you will always find a few kernels don’t pop. The kernels that don’t pop you can either discard, or you can attempt to pop them again and a few more will pop. Adding Oil can potentially increase the pop rate, but we have still got 90% pop rate with no added Oil. Typically you use about 1/3 of a Cup of kernels, to create a medium sized bowl of Popcorn. The time required to pop will vary depending on your appliance, amount of kernels used, type of machine used, etc. Typically Microwave/Machine methods take around 2 mins, stove-top methods take longer. It can take some trial and error to figure out the best way to pop it with the method you are using. We recommended researching the method you plan to use before popping to get the best results!


These are the methods we have tested with success:

- Typical Popcorn Machine

- Stove-top with Pot and Oil

- Paper Bag in Microwave

- Silicone Microwave Popper – Lekue or similar product (Grower Recommended! Red bowl shown in pictures below!)


Thanks for trying our Popcorn! We welcome Feedback and Comments!